In Lost Lives there are many characters, from good to evil, here are them all.

Good CharactersEdit

Felicity Felicity is the main antagonist in Lost Lives. She refuses to kill the night guards, as she finds it wrong and pointless. She even went as far as to try and save them, though she only succeeded a couple times in helping them escape alive. The pirate cat was made to accompany Foxy in the pirate cove, but when Foxy was deemed out of order she was moved to the show stage to perform with Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica. She is able to see into the spirit world, and is often haunted by the dead guards she failed to save. Occupation: Pirate Gender: Female Fur color: Orange Eye color: Blue Hair color: Brown Clothing: A Ripped up red and grey T-shirt, a leather jacket, and ripped up black shorts. Status: Living


Foxy is another main antagonist in Lost Lives. Unlike his pirate cat friend, he kills the guards along with the others. He cares dearly about his friends, and was broken in the cove for many years until they were moved to a new location when he was repaired, and returned to performing in the cove with Mangle and Felicity. Occupation: Pirate Gender: Male Fur color: Red Eye color: Yellow Clothing: Brown ripped up shorts, and an eye patch. Status: Dead


Another main antagonist in the story, Freddy is the leader of his small group. He kills the guards like the majority of the rest of them, but is very protective of his friends. His decisions weren't always the best or most helpful, but he will try his best to keep him and his friends out of harms way. He performs on the stage as the lead singer, with Bonnie and Chica by his side. Occupation: Singer Gender: Male Fur Color: Brown Eye color: Blue Clothing: Black top hat and black bow tie. Status: Dead


One of the many main antagonists of Lost Lives, Bonnie is a goofy kind hearted rabbit, despite killing the guards from 12 to 6 AM. He plays guitar on the stage with Freddy and Chica. Despite being goofy, he tries to handle serious situations in the best way he could. He was always attracted to Chica, and he dated her for a brief period before meeting his demise. Occupation: Guitarist Gender: Male Fur color: Purple Eye color: Lavender Clothing: A red bow tie. Status: Dead


Like the others, Chica killed the nightguards. Though to her friends and the children, she was sweet and caring. She always enjoyed making food for her friends, whether it be pizza or cupcakes. She dated Bonnie for a brief period before Bonnie was killed, her demise following soon after. Occupation: Backup singer Gender: Female Fur color: Yellow Eye color: Pink Clothing: A white bib that says 'Let's eat!!' Status: Dead

Golden Freddy Also known as Gold by his friends, Golden Freddy was very gifted. Having the ability to teleport from room to room, float, and even read weak minds. Though he had no eyes, he learned to sense things, and faintly see when he was able. He was always there for his friends, even in the toughest times. Occupation: Former Singer, but long out of order. Gender: Male Fur Color: Yellow Eye Color: No eyes Clothing: A blue hat and a blue bow tie. Status: Living

Puppet Also commonly referred to as Puppy by the other animatronics, Puppet was the one to give them all life. He told them that if they were able to kill enough night guards that their souls would be freed. This was later discovered to be false and they lost some trust with him. Though he knew he had lied to them, he tried to make it up by healing Mike; the night guard. Although he did heal the man, he gave them the warning that he'd never help with protecting a guard again. Occupation: Marionette Color: White, Black, Purple and Red. Gender: Male Eye color: Black Clothing: Three white buttons Status: living

Mike Being one of the few night guards to be spared by Freddy and the others, Mike ended up befriending many of the animatronics. He became very close with the pirates in particular. Despite being warned by Felicity not to come back, he still returned every night. Occupation: Security Guard Gender: Male Skin Color: White Eye color: Blue Clothing: Various Status: Living

Toy Freddy As the leader of The Toys, Toy Freddy mainly kept to himself, only conversing with the other toys. Originally when they were built, they had a strong hatred for the older models due to a special chip that was secretly implanted into them, called The Hate Chip. Once they were brought back into the new location, and once again replaced the older models, he became more open to speaking with them. He had no problem in killing the guards. Occupation: Singer Gender: Male Fur color: Light brown Eye color: Blue Clothing: Black top hat with red trim, and a black bow tie. Status: Dead

Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie was a sweet, loving and gentle. He was shy, and didn't like to talk to the older models, being slightly afraid of them once his hate chip was destroyed. He would kill the guards, and had no problem in speaking to the other toys. Occupation: Guitarist Gender: Male Fur color: Light blue Eye color: Green Clothing: A red bow tie. Status: Dead

Toy Chica Being almost identical to her counterpart, Toy Chica enjoyed making food for her friends as well. She was very sweet, especially towards the other toys. Being a bit bashful, she tried to stay away from the older models mostly, especially Freddy, knowing he could easily overpower her if he wanted to. She had a hate chip as well, but once she was rebuilt along with Toy Bonnie and Toy Freddy they didn't receive the chips again. She would also help kill the night guards, as most of them would. Occupation: Backup singer Gender: Female Fur color: Yellow Eye color: Blue Clothing: Pink shorts and a bib that says 'Let's Party!!' Status: Dead

Balloon Boy Balloon Boy was made when the toys were, which meant he too had a hate chip for the older models. Being only a child animatronic, the other toys didn't think he was quite like them, especially being a human one at that. The older models all despised him, as he was a snitch for the toys, spying on the older models and telling the toys about every move they planned to make. Though he himself never actually participated in killing a guard, he would steal their battery's and laugh loudly, signaling for the other toys to quickly come and finish the job. Occupation: Handing out balloons Gender: Male Skin color: White Eye color: Blue Clothing: A Blue and red striped shirt with three white buttons down it, a red and blue striped helicopter hat, blue jeans and brown shoes. Status: Dead

Mangle Being Foxy's counterpart, Mangle was also made with a hate chip. Though in the process of being torn apart by the children, her hate chip was destroyed, enabling her to befriend Felicity secretly, as it was forbidden by both groups to befriend one another. She was a sweet vixen who would love to talk to Felicity, and despite being a toy, the cat was her closest friend. Occupation: Pirate Gender: Female Fur color: White and pink Eye color: Yellow Clothing: Pink bowtie on her neck and tail. Status: Dead

Polly Polly is Mangle's parrot. Though he doesn't have a soul, the AI still was very friendly to Mangle and her friends. The parrot could fly, talk and do other things. Though Mangle knew he was soulless, she still became attached to him and was heartbroken when he disappeared. Occupation: Pirate's pet Gender: Male Color: Green Eye color: Red Status: Unknown

Violet Violet is Mike's dog. She is very jumpy and playful, and sweet. She was attacked by Alpha after running away from Mike, but was able to make her way back to him. Though In the end she turned out fine. Occupation: Mike's dog Gender: Female Fur color: Brown Eye color: Green Clothing: A pink collar Status: Living

Abigail Abigail is a 14 year old girl who was kidnapped by Vincent when she was only around 5. She has been forced to do his bidding ever since. She is shy, gentle and kind. Though she briefly would lose her mind at times, she always managed to find her way back. Though others may find it weird, Alpha was always there to protect her, and she fell for him. Occupation: Servant to Vincent Gender: Female Skin color: White Eye color: Green Hair color: Brown Clothing: Various, but usually a pink turtleneck sweater, jeans, and tennis shoes. Status: Living

Shadow Bonnie Shadow Bonnie isn't like most of the other animatronics, unlike the others he can walk through walls, teleport, ect. His intentions throughout all the years was to help the children's spirits move on. Though his tactics never worked, he did his best to help. He's bashful, nice and gentle. Occupation: Unknown Gender: Male Color: Shadowy black Eye color: White Clothing: Shadowy bow tie Status: Living

Shadow Freddy Shadow Freddy is much like Shadow Bonnie, and he is able to walk through walls and teleport as well. He has the same intentions as him as well; to help the kids move on. He is strait forward, can be a bit angry at times, but is overall nice and polite. Occupation: Unknown Gender: Male Color: Shadowy blackish purple Eye color: White Clothing: Shadowy bow tie and hat Status: Living

Scott Scott is the owner of the Freddy Fazbear pizzeria chain, but has sold some locations to other people, such as Vincent. He isn't the original creator of the chain however, as the owner of Fredbear's mysteriously was never able to of been tracked down after some incidents... He is very nice, but makes bad decisions. Such as... Well- keeping open a haunted pizzeria and sending countless night guards to their deaths.. Occupation: Owner of Freddy Fazbear pizza chains and most locations Gender: Male Skin Color: White Eye color: Green Hair color: Dirty blonde Clothing: Various Status: Living

Mark Mark is a meerkat, and is the only one out of Alpha's pack who doesn't want to kill humans. He's innocent and shy, and is hated by Alpha. He looks up to Will, even though they're quite different. He is in a relationship with Delta in secret, due to Alpha despising him. Occupation: Backup singer Gender: Male Fur color: Light brown with darker stripes Eye color: Blue Clothing: Blue bowtie Status: Living

Omega Omega is a wolf that is in the sister location of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He has the ability to see in the dark, and has tentacles that protrude from his back at will. He has the ability to relive the memories of any dead animatronics by holding their heads, and discovered this by accident. He is feared by the sister location animatronics, and remains alone in a spare room. Occupation: Nothing Gender: Male Fur color: Light and dark grey Eye color: Red left eye, green right eye Status: Living

Bad CharactersEdit

Lexy Lexy was a dog that was built when the toys were. Unlike the other animatronics, Lexy had no soul, and because of the fact easily went insane and snapped. She ended up killing Balloon Boy before Puppet put her down. But before she snapped, she was very likeable, and the others were even lied to that she had a soul. The truth came out after the dog killed Balloon Boy. Occupation: Singer Gender: Female Fur Color: Grey fur with a white muzzle and paws Eye color: Pink Clothing: A pink dog collar with a golden tag with her name, and a pink bow on her head. Status: Dead

Vincent/Fritz Going by the name Fritz, Vincent is the murderer of all the children. He is the purple guy, and will kill anyone in his way. The man is insane, and that's all there is to it. Occupation: Owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Gender: Male Skin Color: Truly purple, but paints it white to blend in. Eye color: White, but uses contacts to blend in. Clothing: Various Status: Dead

Alpha Alpha the lion is the leader of a small pack of animatronics created by Vincent to overthrow the Fazbear gang. He is however unsuccessful, and becomes preoccupied with his own problems, and looses interest in overtaking the restaurant. He is very protective of his pack, and hates all humans, except for Abigail, who he has fallen in love with. Occupation: Leader of the pack, singer Gender: Male Fur color: Orange Mane color: Brown Eye color: Red Clothing: A black bowtie Status: Dead

Gamma Alpha's brother, Gamma, is just like Golden Freddy. He is able to teleport just like Gold as well, and read minds too. Gamma can be rather aggressive, and hates all humans just like his brother. But to the pack he is protective, and loyal. Occupation: Former singer Gender: Male Fur color: Yellow Mane color: Brown Eye color: Black with white pupils Clothing: Red bow tie Status: Living

Delta Delta is the daughter of Alpha, and is a very strait forward cat. She isn't shy, and is very stuck up most of the time. She hates Vincent and Abigail, and will do anything in her power to take down Vincent. She is currently dating Mark, in secret against Alpha's wishes. Occupation: Backup singer Gender: Female Fur color: Light brown tabby Eye color: Yellow Clothing: Red bow tie Status: Living

Will Will is a grey wolf that is part of Alpha's pack. He is constantly trying to come up with schemes to become the Alpha, and has a strong hate for all humans, except for Vincent. He doesn't care much for any of the others in the pack, and only wants power to rule over them. Occupation: Guitarist Gender: Male Fur color: Grey Eye color: Red Clothing: Black bow tie Status: Dead

Harry Harry is an broken animatronic that is part of Alpha's pack. He is a mangled mess of endoskeleton with three heads, each one having it's own personality and opinions. He wears a purple blanket with yellow stars on it around him to hide his awful figure. Harry is for the most part insane, and not liked well by many of the other members of the pack. Will however likes him. Occupation: Magic tricks Gender: Male Color: Grey/silver Eye color: Yellow Clothing: Purple blanket with yellow stars Status: Living

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